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The Pussy Game

The Journey To Pleasure & Power

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The Pussy Game

The Journey To Pleasure & Power

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Throughout history so many have died over it. Families have been torn apart because of it. Men have lost fortunes chasing it… The world revolves around pussy. It always has and always will. The quest for pussy is in itself the quest for power. Don’t let it conquer you. This book will teach you how to conquer and control it.

The Game Doesn't Change

First published in 1997, this book still applies today. The faces may change but the game stays the same.

Learn The Secrets

The secrets of the most powerful game in the world. Practice these simple secrets and begin your journey to pleasure & power.

The Essential Blackbook

Learn how to get the women of your choice. Learn different approaches, conversation & bedroom techniques.


Change Your Life

Easy to read and understand, this book will change your life. It’s time to take your life to the next level. Read. Study. Enjoy.

The Pussy Game

The Journey To Pleasure & Power, second edition.

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About the author

I was never the most attractive guy to women. I really wasn’t that attractive at all. So I asked a lot of questions from guys who had a lot of women and I got the same series of answers. It was all a game. I began to practice what I heard others were doing, and guess what? Learning how to get pussy was just like any other subject or skill that had to be learned…
Disclaimer: World View Publishing Company shall not be held responsible for the consequences of using the information contained within this book. World View Publishing Company advocates practicing safe sex.


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